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Adeo Inc is one of the leading residential, commercial & industrial concrete contractors in the Denver, Colorado area. Our residential concrete company is dedicated to providing quality concrete repair, replacement, and construction with friendly and professional service at a competitive price. Of course, every concrete company can make those claims, so let us show you how we can back that statement up. Being upfront, honest, and acting with integrity are some of the biggest reasons why Adeo Inc. is among the top residential and commercial concrete contractors. Whether you need a small piece of concrete repaired, or you are looking for concrete floor installation services, we will work with you to craft a personalized solution. Give us a call today! Get a  FREE ESTIMATE 303.720.6167

Our Services

Residential Concrete Services

Are you looking to build a new home and need a foundation? Or maybe looking to install a driveway or a patio? We specialize in all residential concrete installations and repairs including residential interior concrete walls and concrete basements. Give us a call today and lets talk about your next concrete project. Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today 303.720.6167

Commercial Concrete Services

Commercial concrete can be broadly defined as concrete used to build or enhance business facilities, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores and even restaurants. Adeo Inc is equipped to deliver quality concrete solutions for any commercial project in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today 303.720.6167

Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways

Negligence of concrete sidewalks often results in broken slabs, trip hazards and costly repair bills. One of the factors that has a considerable impact on sidewalk longevity is construction quality. Concrete sidewalks can start to fail over time if poor materials are used and proper design and construction practices are ignored. Talk to an expert now! Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today 303.720.6167

Residential Foundations

A strong, durable foundation is essential for any construction project, but it’s especially important when installing heavy mechanical equipment or process piping. Builders need to have full confidence in their concrete foundation, as failures can lead to cracking or warping that requires costly restoration or replacement. Call us now! Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today 303.720.6167

Poured Concrete Walls

In terms of foundation walls, the truth is that you need something truly dependable, and not something that’s going to deteriorate and leave your home leaning to one side or the other. Poured concrete walls are going to offer you the most reliability. This is because they offer premium stability and strength. Talk to an concrete walls expert now! Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today 303.720.6167

Concrete Patios

Custom concrete patios provide the perfect blend between form and function. The most beautiful patios you will ever experience are artisan concrete patios. Whether your style is traditional or modern, we are able to design a custom patio for your home. Concrete patios are very labor intensive and require patience, teamwork and attention to detail. We can install a patio in your backyard or on the side of your home. Contact Adeo Inc today! Get a FREE ESTIMATE 303.720.6167



  • Concrete Pouring

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Concrete Slabs

  • Concrete Walls

  • Concrete Replacement

  • Stamped Concrete

  • Concrete Driveways

  • Concrete Basements

  • Concrete Flooring

  • New Home Foundations

  • Industrial Concrete

  • Concrete Repairs

  • Concrete Walkways

  • Concrete Sidewalks

  • Ready Mix Concrete

  • Concrete Installation

  • Commercial Concrete Foundations

  • HOA Concrete Solutions

Why You Should Choose Us

Whenever you hire an outside contractor, you need to make sure that they have insurance coverage and that they are properly licensed. Otherwise, if anyone is injured on your property, you may be responsible for covering the related expenses. Before obtaining a license as a concrete contractor, we have to pass a challenging testing protocol that demonstrates our knowledge and expertise. By choosing a licensed contractor like us, you can be sure that the job is done right.

The Best Materials

You want your project to last a lifetime. We only use high quality materials and solutions that ensure you have something that you won’t have to worry about for decades.

Professional-Grade Results

We focus on the details of every project, starting even before construction begins. During the earliest stages of the project, our experts develop a comprehensive plan that covers all of the most important steps.

Customer Focused

Our goal is to leave every customer that we work with as satisfied as possible by helping them achieve their dreams. When you hire us, we will do everything we can to create a beautifully finished product that you love.

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